Landscaping Service

Design work

We believe the landscape design process should be fun and enjoyable and our design professionals work hard to give you such an experience. Taking into consideration your wants, hopes and needs?we use our professional knowledge to create an individual landscape plan for you and your home.


A simple way to add charm and class to your home is to forgo traditional concrete paving and opt for interlocking stone. Not only elegant, laying down interlocking stone on your driveway or in your garden is also a practical option. Almost four times stronger than concrete, it will endure throughout the seasons. Should you need to conduct repairs or maintenance, it is simple to do, since interlocking stone is made up of individual pieces.

Retaining Wall

Whether you’re a commercial property owner or a homeowner, land erosion is always a concern. Your soil, filled with all its valuable nutrients and fertilizers, can easily be washed away by rainfall or flood. Installing a retaining wall is a great way of preventing water from destroying your property. A concrete or natural stone wall will act as an anchor, keeping your soil exactly where it belongs.


Hiring a team of professional landscaping and sod experts is the most effective way to ensure that your lawn remains bright, green and healthy. At Lloyd’s Landscaping Ltd., we provide quality sodding services to residential and commercial clients. Sodding has a number of benefits when compared to seeding, including:

Lawn cutting and weed out

Seasonal cleaned up and Maintained year-round

A messy yard can be an eyesore for everyone who passes by. Ensure your property is a pleasure to look at with Lloyd’s Landscaping Ltd. Clarington and surrounding areas, we have handled grounds maintenance for a variety of homes and business. Take a look through our portfolio to get an idea of the quality of our work, then give us a call!

Mulching, Composting and Flower Planting

Do you feel like the greenspace surrounding your property is lacking a certain something? That’s why our team at Lloyd’s Landscaping Ltd. offers a range of enhancement services. Plant a mass of stunning tulips, daffodils or daisies and see the immediate change a small splash of floral colour can make on your grounds. For both commercial property and estates, we offer enhancement services such as:
Spring and fall bulb planting
Annual flower display planting
Garden mulching
Composting of gardens (available in the Fall)
Irrigation system maintenance and adjustments
Lot power sweeping
Shrub and tree planting

Our knowledgeable landscape experts are always happy to discuss prospective projects.

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